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   Blakesley Hall  & Gardens, BM&AG ,Yardley, Birmingham UK


Blakesley Ale Festival

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Blakesley Ale Festival

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Birmingham Heritage Week

Birmingham Heritage Week

Two Towers Brewery   Guided Tours

Spice it Up  Spice it up

The Gardens

The Gardnes   The Gardens

Exhibition  Exhibition


"Spring into Art"
artintheyard - Sunday 29th March

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Attic   The Attic

The Attic

Guide with First Victorian Christmas Card

Guide with the First Victorian Christmas Card

WW1  Nick Goode

WW1 Magic Lantern Programme

Magic Lantern Event

Blakesley Hall

Magic Lantern

The Team

The Team - Peter, Pat, Andrew & Michael Spencer, and Nick Goode

Summer Garden Party

Summer Garden Party
June 2014

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"Divertimento" perform for the Friends of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

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Mike Fowler   British Woodcarving
        Association Display

British Woodcarving Association Display

Keith Parks

Croquet   Guided tours of the

Tom, Frank and May - One family's story
First World War Centenary Exhibition
12th April - 2nd November 2014

Thomas and Elizabeth Merry lived at Blakesley Hall from 1901 - 1932 and their three children, Tom, Frank and May all played important roles
in the First World War. Tom was an officer in the Army Service Corps based at Rouen, Frank fought at Passchendaele with the Artists Rifles
and May enrolled in the Voluntry Aid Detachment, working in a number of military hospitals, caring for the wounded from the front.
The true effects of this conflict on one family can be seen in this Exhibition

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Tom Merry and Jenny Goode, relatives of the Merry Family Offically Open the Exhibition

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The Family and Guest tour the Exhibition

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Watching the movie of the Story

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Reading letter from the Frontand Planting

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The Merry Family
The Merry Family at Blakesley Hall

Plant Fair

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Victorian Christmas

Victorian Christmas

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Blakesley Hall Victorian Christmas

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Yardley Conservation Society Visit for the Tudor Christmas

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Wassalling the Apple Tree

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Yardley Conservation Society

Apple Day

Apple Day 2013

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Tree Planted by HRH The Duke of Gloucester   8

Archer   Steve

11   in the gold   Brumijums

Brumijums Morris Dancers   dancers

dancers   dancers

dancers   Dancers

Music   Dancers


Harris Hawk

Falconary Day

Harris Hawk

The Harris Hawk flies between the "Volunteers"

Harris Hawk in flight

Owl in Flight

An Owl flies over the "Volunteers"

Falconary Day

Display of Birds

Falconary Day

Newly Painted Hall

Newly Painted Hall and Gardens




and painting at the entrance of Blakesley Hall

Painting at the Entrance

more events

Celebration of the 400 Anniversary of the King James Bible

Bible 01

bible 02

Bible 04

Bible 03    Bible 05

Bible 06

Bible 07

Bible 09    Bible 08

Bible 10

Bible 11

Bible 12

Click on the link
King James Bible 400th

Crime and Punishment

Soldier and Servants

Soldier &
        Servant    Soldier


The Justice of the Peace

Justice of the

Justice of the

The Execuitioner


 execuitioner    execuitioner


execuitioner    execuitioner

Dr Chris Upton's Magical Literary Bus

Dr Chris
              Upton  Magical Bus

Chris Upton's

Chris Upton
              at Blakesley Hall
Chris Upton at Blakesley Hall

Graham Mc
              Hardy -Chris Upton & Phil Lovell
Sherlock Holmes - Graham McHardy
Dr Chris Upton - Commentary
Watson - Phil Lovell

Gollum -
              Michael Spencer
Gollum - Michael Spencer

The Mummy -
              Arron Ruston
The Mummy  - Arron Ruston


and then refreshment


Falconary Day

Vulture " George" African Whited Backed

Falcon "Slate"

Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle "Bronze"

The Garden Party

Blakesley Hall
The Musicans

Blakesley Hall

Folk Dancing with Kim Smith in the Visitors Centre

Blakesley Hall

Blakesley Hall
Gardener Geof Groft

The Inside of the House

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Blakesley Hall is in the Yardley district of Birmingham
as you can see, well worth a visit


On the day I visited the Knight was giving lessons

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Part of Birmingham Museums, and beautifully restored

Opening of the New Visitor Centre

by HRH Duke of Gloucester

HRH Duke of
HRH Duke of Gloucester touring the Hall

HRH Duke of
        Gloucester    HRH Duke of
The Barn                                                                            The Garden

HRH Duke of
        Gloucester    Yardley Revisited
The New Visitor Centre

HRH Duke of
HRH Duke of Gloucester with
Lord Mayor & Lady Mayoress of Birmingham

HRH Duke of
HRH Duke of Gloucester Planting a Tree

Blakesley Hall
The Tree today

Baroness Estelle Morris

Baroness Morris

Estelle Morris
Baroness Morris Planting aTree

Blakesley Hall
The Tree today